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Software Solutions

  • We're about more than just the hardware
  • Unlike traditional office equipment suppliers, BBT have a separate IT division with IT technicians for the installation and support of all the products we supply.
  • Training is available direct from our IT staff to help get the best from your investment.
  • We have invested in a dedicated IT Helpdesk to ensure we can respond quickly to any queries you may have.
  • BBT are proud to partner with leading software solutions providers to complement the hardware we supply, or the devices you already have in your business.
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Secure Printing

Secure Printing

A big issue that is rarely addressed by companies with a fleet of multifunction devices is the security of documents you send to that fleet. If you are printing critical documents that are confidential or hold personal data, you don’t want your printing to be picked up by the wrong person. With our software solutions, we can offer secure print release meaning your documents will only print when you arrive at the device. You no longer need to worry about the wrong person getting their hands on your documents.


With our various printing solutions, all prints can be sent to a central print queue and held there until they have had the authentication to print securely by the user who sent them.

It also means you don't have to go to a specific printer to get your documents, just go to the nearest one.


You can set cost controls and a print policy for all users or drill down and set these for each individual user.

Our solutions can also allow your users to print from their mobile or tablet devices. If you have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, users can still print within the confines of the print policies you have applied.


The admin panel is the central hub of all things printing within your company. Here you will get full visibility of device activity along with managing print policies for your users.

If you have users within your company who need a lower printing allowance than others, then you can do this here.

Your users can also have easy access to tools that let them know how they are impacting the environment with the printing that they are doing. They can also see how much printing budget they have remaining and what restrictions they have if you have set any.

Variable Data / Personalised Printing

Personalised Printing

Whether you are in the business of selling personalised documents such as cards or wedding stationary or just need to communicate in a more personal manner to your existing customers, we have the right products to help.

It's not just about printing either. Our software not only personalises your direct mail, but it can also be integrated with your email marketing efforts. Adding a person's name into a letter or email is fine, but the ability to truly stand out with targeted images or messages intended only for the recipient will set you apart from your competitors. This will make your business appear even more professional whilst nurturing your existing customers by making them feel more appreciated.

You already communicate with your customers through invoicing and statements, so why not turn these documents into true marketing tools for further sales opportunities.

This may all sound a bit complex, but you can still use your favourite design applications and create the variable content that will easily fit into your existing working patterns. As well as changing the text, you can create variable images to take your marketing to a whole new level.


  • Create new business opportunities with personalised and targeted products
  • Increase your response rates and customer retention through a unique personal approach
  • Work in any digital printing environment using the tools you already know
  • Turn your invoices into advertising vehicles.
  • Create variable documents using text, images, barcodes, or entire layouts quickly and easily
Scan Workflow & Archive Retrieval

Scan Workflow & Retrieval

Sometimes you just want to scan and store a document. More importantly, you need to be able to find that document when you need it. All of our MFDs can scan to your favourite network locations, direct to your computer or even your email address. Various add-ons allow you to scan straight to your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more.

But what about when others need access to these documents, or compliance issues mean they need to be stored centrally with access to only those with the right level of authority? Who names the documents? How do people find them? What do they search for? We have various solutions designed to answer these questions and more.

You may have an archive of paper documents that you need to keep but are losing out on valuable storage space. Paper documents can often be at risk of fire, water damage or simply misplaced. Scanning these documents into a system allowing fast retrieval is sometimes all you need without the perceived complexities of a full document management system.

Document scanning

With scanning speeds of up to 240 images per minute, you can scan and store your daily documents in seconds and tackle your filing cabinets and archives in no time. Let the software do the work of converting your paper documents into electronic documents that can be searched for in the blink of an eye.

Document navigation

When documents need to be stored in a particular location (such as invoices for the current month), or with a particular naming convention, our tools allow you to do this seamlessly. Documents can be routed to a destination and even named based on the content without any manual intervention.

Document retrieval

With our Archive & Retrieval software, getting hold of your documents couldn't be simpler. Whether it's simply browsing the location of the document or searching for keywords within it, the automatic indexing of your documents mean you can be sure never to lose sight of your important information again.


  • Store paper documents electronically to control access
  • Significant time saving in finding documents
  • Never lose a document again
  • Accurate and reliable OCR minimises conversion errors
  • Facilitates the effective, reliable and secure collaboration among co-workers
  • Use simple scanning tools to integrate with your existing processes
Document Management

Document Management

Storing your documents is one thing but managing them is another. Controlling access to critical documents or ensuring only the latest version of a document is ever being used may be crucial to your working processes.

You may have existing Word or Excel documents, or emails that form part of your working patterns which others need access to. These too can be stored securely in a Document Management System away from an individual user's email account.

We have Document Management Systems that allow you to manage your documents ensuring any procedural methods and compliance is handled. Having software like this means you can reduce costs and iron out inefficiencies resulting in a better workflow for all employees.


We will evaluate how your business processes currently run and help you plan and implement software that will streamline these processes to make your business more efficient. You may have a simple paper process such as invoice approval, but how long does it take to match the invoice to the PO, then pass the invoice to the appropriate person for authorisation, get it back, then pay. Much of this can be automated saving time and money

Time saving

Our software completely rules out countless hours filing and retrieving documents with intelligent indexing that allows users to fully automate storing their documents in a secure way. The indexing has been designed in such a way that staff can find documents in seconds without necessarily knowing how and where the document is stored.

Convert your paper-based business processes into electronic workflows by automating certain tasks so that 'paper' flows through your business in an efficient manner.


We can integrate our software seamlessly with your existing applications like email, CRM and ERP software. From your existing applications you will be able to retrieve the scanned documents in your Document Management System.

Any investment needs a return. We work with you to ensure your staff are trained on the software to ensure you are getting the best out of the investment made.

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