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15th March, 2019

At BBT Group, we recognise and praise staff who constantly deliver excellent performances and contribute to the success of the company. To highlight this, we have Quarterly Sales Meetings which give employees, who are based across the country, the chance to come together and share news and updates.

It is also a chance to reward staff for their hard work and achievements over the past three months and see who is in the running for the all important end-of-year incentive. This gives employees an extra motivation to come into the office each day.

Last month Phil Runciman, Director of BBT Group, presented the following awards:
• Salesperson of the Month (November) – James McCraith
• Salesperson of the Month (December) – Paul Biggs
• Salesperson of the Month (January) – Jeff Thomas
• Overall Salesperson of the Quarter – James McCraith

Well done to the individuals who won an award and to all our staff for your continued hard work and dedication. We look forward to the next Quarterly Sales Meeting!

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